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The results from the quiz showed that the Premium Bar would be the perfect match for you!

Down below you can find some of our favourite red wines that we serve at the Premium Bar, enjoy! At the Premium Bar we serve red wines from Spain, South-Africa, Chile and Australia. 



These 3 are our favourite red wines from the Premium Bar

Full-bodied red

Seaward Shiraz

This Shiraz has a lovely sultry aroma, with sweet fruit, rosemary and thyme and a slight pepperiness. On the palate an elegant taste, which has a slight firmness, some spice and tannins, lovely vanilla, berries, plums and pepper.

Full-bodied red

Las Pizarras Viña Alarba

A typical grenache from Calatayud with hints of very ripe red fruit, plums and mineral notes. Produced by a Belgian and a Spaniard, and it turns out to be a golden combination.

Full-bodied red

Famille Perrin Côte du Rhone rouge

Classic Côtes du Rhône from the well-known Perrin Family. Fruity and fleshy with beautifully melded tannins. It is an ideal everyday wine, easy to drink away, but sure to be enjoyed.

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