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The results from the quiz showed that Bar 2 would be the perfect match for you!

Down below you can find some of our favourite wines that we serve at Bar 2 enjoy! At Bar 2 we serve wines from Spain, Chile, South-Africa and Argentina.



These 3 are our favourite red wines from Bar 2

Full-bodied white

Alfa Crux Chardonnay

an Argentine white wine composed entirely of Chardonnay. a complex wine with aromas of pineapple, vanilla and pear. This chardonnay is full and ripe with subtle toasted flavours

Light-bodied white

Sangre de Toro Verdejo

Brilliant, bright, pale yellow. Clean, fresh, impeccable nose with notes of vegetables and anise with undertones of white fruit. The palate has firm, persistent acidity. Which makes the wine wonderfully crisp

Light-bodied white

Good Natured Chenin Blanc

A delicate gold colour, this Chenin Blanc has plenty to offer on the nose: quince, citrus and stone fruit to name but a few notes. Gloriously juicy on the palate, there is a burst of exotic fruit like litchi and pineapple that leads to a refreshing and zesty finish.

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